services 服务项目

GLOBAL VENDOR LTD founded to assist and foster business deals between foreign companies and Mexican enterprises, looking for a synergy. Our customers are producers, manufacturers, importers, exporters, investors, buyers, Chemical companies, agricultural commodities enterprises, agents, and worldwide societies. In the same way, we have developed in depth knowledge of our clients´ operation and value the relationship that enjoy.

The goal of our international divisions is to provide a meaningful service to get better business and tax breaks to our regular customers and new customers, increasing the money and diminishing the time. In addition, in Mexico we offer a red carpet service, which includes business match between sellers, buyers, agents, manufactures, and entrepreneurs.

According to the orders and/or quotations we receive from many parts of the world, we check availability, price and shipping procedures ensuring this way our customers get the best deal when doing business through us. We assist our customers in all the steps to get the products they want and while they may be thousands of miles away from the wholesalers, they are purchasing from, we are just around the corner – it is like having a local office in Mexico.

In addition we advise to our clients regarding the procedural pathways in Mexico, and we provide them key information related investment and current legislation to do a business in our country.

Moreover, we promote the joint ventures to develop projects and assist to our clients in every moment.

GLOBAL VENDOR LTD的成立是为了协助和促进外国公司与墨西哥企业之间的商业交易,以寻求协同效应。 我们的客户是生产商,制造商,进口商,出口商,投资者,买方,化工公司,农产品企业,代理商和全球社会。 同样,我们对客户的操作有了深入的了解,并珍视与客户之间的关系。

我们的国际部门的目标是提供有意义的服务,以便为常规客户和新客户提供更好的业务和税收优惠,从而增加收入并减少时间。 此外,在墨西哥,我们提供红地毯服务,其中包括卖方,买方,代理商,制造商和企业家之间的业务匹配。

根据我们从世界各地收到的订单和/或报价,我们检查可用性,价格和运输程序,以确保通过我们开展业务时,我们的客户能获得最佳的交易。 我们在所有步骤上协助客户获得所需的产品,尽管他们可能距离批发商数千英里,但他们正在从批发商那里购买商品,而我们指日可待-就像在墨西哥设有当地办事处一样。