careers 事业

One of the most important constituents of our success is great people. We are dedicated to attracting and retaining extraordinary contributions.

GLOBAL VENDOR LTD offers an excellent benefit program to our employees, which includes medical, dental, and life insurance, a retirement plan, tuition reimbursement opportunities for continuing education, and paid vacations. Full details are available from our personnel department

优秀人才是我们成功的最重要因素之一。 我们致力于吸引和保留非凡的贡献。
GLOBAL VENDOR 为我们的员工提供出色的福利计划,其中包括医疗,牙科和人寿保险,退休计划,继续教育的学费补偿机会以及带薪假期。 可以从我们的人事部门获得全部详细信息